Build an AI with less than €1000

Precode is a leading European AI factory. For businesses that need smart solutions, autonomous processes and industry 4.0 in rapid and cost-effective manner. Precode is a factory that allows you to iterate in a week on ANY simulation model.


Proven track record

Successfull AI iterations
Average iteration cost
less than 1000€
Companies supported

Our mission

Fast and affordable AI, so that the costs are not an issue.

Unmatched Speed and Cost Efficiency
No other service offers the combination of under €1000 cost and under one-week development time, setting a new standard in AI accessibility.
Democratizing AI
By removing financial and time barriers, Precode AI Factory empowers businesses of all sizes to harness the power of AI.
Explainable AI
Our model outputs provide clear, understandable insights into how the simulation is done. So you understand what dimensions to change.